The ingredients for the Luna Prosecco and Peach Bellini by Edith Elan

The Luna: A Prosecco and Peach Bellini with an Edith Élan Twist

October 10, 2023
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The ingredients for the Luna Prosecco and Peach Bellini by Edith Elan

Like every year, I always want to bring a little bit of that Charleston Southern hospitality with me when I’m in the City for Fall New York Bridal Fashion Week. This year I’m putting an Edith Élan spin on the classic Prosecco and peach Bellini, but still keeping it easy to make.

Ingredients for the Luna Bellini Cocktail by Edith Elan: peach juice, prosecco, and peach moonshine

The Luna: A Prosecco and Peach Bellini Cocktail with a Twist

This year’s cocktail for NYBFW is named after my cat, Luna. Why? When I think of the ingredients and how they come together, it reminds me of Luna’s temperament. Our Bellini cocktail is sweet and surprising just like she is.

Why did I choose a bellini and what makes our recipe different/surprising? Like every other year that I’ve had a cocktail at my booth, I’ve made sure that it has some aspect of Charleston to it whether it’s in the mixer or in the liquor. Last year I chose the Mint Sweet Tea Vodka from Firefly Distillery. But for those who are not from Charleston, you might not know that Firefly first started off by making moonshine. So, when it came time to pick my cocktail recipe, I simply stared at the wall of offerings at the distillery until something inspired me. And, it just so happens that it was their Peach Moonshine that spoke to me.

Back at home, Josh and I set about tweaking the traditional Prosecco and peach Bellini recipe to accommodate the addition of the moonshine. We wanted to create the perfect balance so that the alcohol of the moonshine and prosecco was balanced by the sweetness of the peach juice.

Our Bellini Cocktail Recipe


  • 4 parts Simply Peach juice (or other 100% peach juice brand)
  • 4 parts Rosé Prosecco (or other sparkling rosé wine)
  • 1 part Firefly Peach Moonshine
  • ice


Add the peach juice to a bar shaker with ice and shake to chill the juice. Strain the peach juice into a glass. Add the sparkling rosé next followed by the moonshine. Stir and serve.

The Luna is an easy cocktail and so delicious. And also like the namesake, you can’t get enough! Cheers, lovelies!

Making a moonshine, prosecco, and peach bellini
Photo by Esther Frederick Photography
Shaking the peach juice in a bar shaker for The Luna Bellini Cocktail
Photo by Esther Frederick Photography

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