We are Edith Élan. A designer of timeless bridal styles inspired by the past for today's modern bride. Our bridal collections are designed and made with love at our studio in Charleston, SC.

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I wanted something that when I looked at photos in 20+ years, would still look relevant and not dated. I wanted to feel like a bride, but also feel like myself in whatever dress I chose, and that dress for me was Tamarisk. It's bridal fashion past, present and future all in one dress.

It's Downtown Abbey meets David Bowie!

Christine w.

I'm a tomboy by definition and I think everyone expected me to choose something really boyish but ended up with a sort of backless dress. Keep in mind I hate wearing dresses, but when I put it on I loved the material. It was super comfy and I completely forgot it was a a dress. 

The dress was surprisingly me!


I loved it from the moment I tried it on. The night before my second appointment I had trouble sleeping. I was too excited to try on the dress again!

It was worth the sleepless night.


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Edith Élan is an independent bridal designer based in Charleston, SC whose creative soul is the Mexican-American fashion designer Lourdes Castañeda.

"Edith Élan is no one person. The name is an embodiment of who we are as a brand, and a reflection of our brides: strength, style, vivacity, energy."
- Lourdes

Who is Edith Élan?

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Lourdes's interest in fashion started at a young age. She learned to sew and knit from her mom and her grandmother, Loli. By age 12, she was filling her sketchbook with doodles and designs of clothes, dresses, and bridalwear.

Her decision to major in Fashion Design took her cross-country from LA to Philadelphia. During the summers, she was a stylist at a local bridal boutique, which is where her love of bridal blossomed. She graduated from Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University) in 2009.

Shortly after graduation Lourdes found herself in the midst of wedding planning. Her wedding dress was her first custom creation!

In 2021, Lourdes took over as Creative Director and Owner of Edith Élan. When asked about what she sees for the future of the brand she said, "Edith Élan designs will for sure still have that vintage vibe they've always been recognized for. I'm still going to look to the past for silhouette and design detail ideas. But, you'll see a little more clean, modern lines in the collections."

In her free time, Lourdes loves to: travel (especially to México where she's from), enjoy the company of her cat Mykie, watch F1 Grand Prix races, and compete at autocross races with her husband.

Lourdes Castañeda

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My favorite wedding dress of all time is my grandmother Loli's, which my mom also wore.


I love sharing my Mexican heritage and culture with anyone that wants to know more.


I find traveling the world and exploring new places is so inspiring!


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