We are Edith Élan. A bridal designer of timeless styles inspired by the past for today's modern bride and nearlywed. Our bridal and wedding dress collections are designed and made with love at our studio in Charleston, SC.

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I wanted something that when I looked at photos in 20+ years, would still look relevant and not dated. I wanted to feel like a bride, but also feel like myself in whatever dress I chose, and that dress for me was Tamarisk. It's bridal fashion past, present and future all in one dress.

It's Downtown Abbey meets David Bowie!

Christine w.

I'm a tomboy by definition and I think everyone expected me to choose something really boyish but ended up with a sort of backless dress. Keep in mind I hate wearing dresses, but when I put it on I loved the material. It was super comfy and I completely forgot it was a a dress. 

The dress was surprisingly me!


I loved it from the moment I tried it on. The night before my second appointment I had trouble sleeping. I was too excited to try on the dress again!

It was worth the sleepless night.


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Edith Élan is an independent bridal designer based in Charleston, SC whose creative soul is the Mexican-American fashion designer Lourdes Castañeda.

"Edith Élan is no one person. The name is an embodiment of the brand, and a reflection of those who wear our pieces: style, energy, passion, confidence."
- Lourdes

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