Marrying her Mexican culture with the symbolism of the monarch butterfly, Lourdes created a collection that draws inspiration from the monarch's unmistakeable silhouette, delicate beauty, strength, and resilience. Monarch butterflies enchant you in a fleeting moment with a silent flutter of their wings. In a similar way and without a word being spoken, it takes but a second to be enchanted by the silhouettes and glistening details of this timeless wedding dress collection.

the 24 Collection

Finding its inspiration in styles of years past, this three-piece mini capsule collection pairs distinctive details with a fresh, floral jacquard crepe fabric that breathe new energy into iconic silhouettes for timeless bridal styles that exude élan.

 the 23 Collection

This wedding dress styles of this mini capsule collection capture the essence of the brand. Subtle-yet-unique details combined with the timeless silhouettes create chic bridal looks that are quintessentially Edith Élan.

the 22 Collection

Inspired by the vintage 1930s Orchids and Lilies prints by Louis Icart, this wedding dress collection reimagines the past for the modern bride. Within this collection and in addition to three veils, timeless silhouettes are married with delicate embroideries, "love"-ly fabrics, and charming flower details. 

the 20 Collection

Inspired by the modern pointillism of Japanese artist Yukimi Imai, this bridal accessory and wedding dress collection is a celebration of art through the use of textured dotted fabrics, pearl net fabrics, and custom-beaded embroideries to redefine the meaning of timeless design.

the 19 Collection

The Classics are a group of bridal styles that are here to stay. They are the "greatest hits" of collections past that we aren't ready to say "goodbye" to yet. For us, they are the definition of timeless design.

the classics Collection

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