Real Chicago bride and groom exit the wedding ceremony with their dog
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Wedding Inspiration: Mel (Chicago)

September 8, 2017
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Real Inspiration from Our Chicago Bride

Real Chicago bride and groom exit the wedding ceremony with their dog
This post has been updated as of April 22, 2022.

With over one year since Mel and Dave tied the knot in Chicago, we thought we would share some of the beautiful images from their special day as a way to celebrate their love. This of course includes pictures of Mel’s beautiful Tamarisk gown. Which, Mel looked absolutely gorgeous in! You’ll also get to hear from the bride as to why Tamarisk was the one.

Photo collage of Edith Elan's Tamarisk crepe wedding gown worn by a real Chicago bride

A Chicago Bride and Groom

Mel and Dave married in Chicago on an August evening at Morgan’s on Fulton in the presence of friends, family, and Mel’s well-dressed pup, Rocco. For the wedding, Mel wore the Tamarisk style from the very first Edith Élan collection which debuted in spring 2016. (You can find Tamarisk in the Classics).

Mel’s Dress Hunt

EÉ: Why Tamarisk?

Mel: When I started shopping, I had no set “dream dress” in mind. I just knew I wanted a dress that made me feel beautiful and that was flattering.  I wanted something that when I looked at photos in 20+ years, would still look relevant and not dated. I wanted to feel like a bride, but also feel like myself in whatever dress I chose, and that dress for me is the Tamarisk. ​

EÉ: What about the dress caught your eye

Mel: It’s a classic and timeless style. Plus, the gorgeous and intricate shoulder beading with crystal buttons are simply stunning. One of my bridesmaids described it perfectly (and I LOVED this description) as “Downton Abbey meets David Bowie.” It’s bridal fashion past, present and future all in one dress.

EÉ: What advice do you have for future brides on the wedding dress hunt?

Mel: The only “advice” I have – and I wouldn’t really call it that just more of a personal preference after my experience – is to go in with ideas of what you are looking for, but also with an open mind. Find one family member/friend you trust and take that person. For my first appointment, I went with a massive entourage because I didn’t want anyone to feel excluded or left out. And while I love them all, it was super overwhelming and frustrating with everyone’s opinions flying around. Save the entourage for the final dress selection (or not at all!). I absolutely love, love, LOVE my dress, and my only wish is that I could have worn it longer or wear it again!

Photo collage of a bride getting dressed in her low back crepe wedding gown
Photo collage of Edith Élan's real Chicago bride getting ready with her bridesmaids
Real Chicago bride and groom first look photo collage
Photo collage of a real Chicago bride's pre-ceremony bridal portraits
Bridal party photo collage in downtown Chicago Illinois
Photo collage of a real Chicago bride and groom's wedding ceremony at Morgans on Fulton
Photo collage of a Chicago bride and groom walking with the Chicago skyline in the back
Bridal portrait of a bride with her dog in a bowtie

The Chicago Wedding Vendors

Photographers: Jonny + Michelle of Paper Antler
Boutique: Dame Couture
Venue: Morgan’s on Fulton
Glam Squad: Mini of Mini Makes Me Pretty & Kat of Zazu Salon Chicago

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