Collage of four Disney princess illustrations by Jirka Vinse Jonatan
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Disney Princess Inspired Wedding Dresses

November 30, 2017
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Four Bridal Styles Inspired by Disney’s Elsa, Ariel, Aurora, and Meg

Collage of four Disney princess illustrations by Jirka Vinse Jonatan
This post has been updated as of April 24, 2022.

As young children, we are often immersed in the world of Disney. We come to find ourselves with a favorite princess, a favorite movie, and even a favorite quote. And as we get older, some of us even start to dream of a Disney-themed wedding. And when it’s time to start searching for Disney princess-inspired wedding dresses and accessories, you may find the magical inspiration you need right here!

Collage for a bridal inspiration blog post about Disney Princess inspired wedding dresses by Edith Elan

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

It’s been said that “a dream is a wish your heart makes.” And for some, that wedding dream is a snowy mountaintop ceremony, an intimate city microwedding, or a romantic beach elopement. But, if for those dreaming of a Disney-themed wedding, this is the post for you! With a little magic and imagination, we’ve pulled together Disney princess-inspired wedding dresses and accessories to create four looks inspired by Disney’s Elsa, Ariel, Aurora, and Meg. But, we of course had to put our own Edith Élan spin on it.

Disney princess inspired wedding dress and accessories styled after Elsa from Frozen by Edith Élan
Images courtesy of: Beauty in the Still Photography, Bella Belle Shoes, Emma Katzka, Ross Simons Jewelry

Elsa: Sparkling Like the Snow from Head to Toe

There can be no Elsa without sparkles! This is why we’ve paired our sparkling Faven dress from our 2018 collection with the matching but also equally sparkly “Elsa” pumps from Bella Belle. Add that touch of Elsa blue to your earrings with some opal and diamond drops. We’d recommend wearing your hair in a big loose braid, and topping it off with an icicle-inspired quartz tiara like the queen you are! As for the bouquet, cascading orchids with a touch of sparkle finish the bridal look. And when your fiancé(e) sees you, they’ll agree with Olaf that “some people are worth melting for.”

Shop the Elsa-Inspired Look:

Dress: Faven (2018 Collection)
Shoes: Bella Belle “Elsa” Pump
Jewelry: Opal & Diamond Drop Earrings in 14kt White Gold
Headpiece: Emma Katzka “Chloe” Tiara

Disney princess inspired wedding dress and accessories styled after Ariel from The Little Mermaid by Edith Élan
Images courtesy of: Ashlee Cole Photography, Bella Belle Shoes, Lelet NY, 1st Dibs, Rachel Elaine Photography

Ariel: A Modern Mermaid Princess

We know it seems like the obvious choices would either be a strapless mermaid silhouette or a fuller silhouette that more closely matched Ariel’s dress in the movie. However, we picked our illusion-neckline crepe mermaid wedding dress, Zara! Zara’s long train is befitting of a mermaid princess with the scallop detail along the neckline reminding us of mermaid Ariel’s shell top. To pull the look together, we chose shoes that also had a scallop detail. Looking for a gold tiara like Ariel to put atop your soft waves? How about one with gold and pearls! The freshwater pearl and gold drop earrings complement your tiara. Finish the look with a tropical-inspired bouquet, and you are ready to be a part of her world!

Shop the Ariel-Inspired Look:

Dress: Zara (The Classics Collection)
Shoes: Bella Belle “Nadia” Pump
Jewelry: Vintage Gold and Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Headpiece: Lelet NY “Pearl Hoop Crown”
Bouquet: Root and Bloom (Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography)

Disney princess inspired wedding dress and accessories styled after Aurora from Sleeping Beauty by Edith Élan
Images courtesy of: Beginning and End Photography, Ralph & Russo, Allurez

Aurora: A Natural Beauty

Make it blue… No, pink… Make it… Taj! Sure, we could’ve picked our Aurora gown, but we’ve already used her in a previous bridal inspiration post. But like when Sleeping Beauty’s dress is changing color between pink and blue, you too can pick Taj’s crepe color. We picked the ivory lace/blush pink color combo that it was originally sampled in. And no princess is complete without all her magical accessories: vine-covered pink satin pumps, a matching rose gold vine woven through your hair, and rose gold diamond vine earrings. The bouquet? How about one that looks like Aurora gathered it from the forest herself. This look is all about romance and soft colors as you walk down the aisle towards your true love’s kiss.

Shop the Aurora-Inspired Look:

Dress: Taj (available as a custom commission)
Shoes: Ralph & Russo “Eden” Pump
Jewelry: Allurez Rose Gold Diamond Vine Earrings

Disney princess inspired wedding dress and accessories styled after Megara from Hercules by Edith Élan
Images courtesy of Ed & Aileen Photography, Kotur, Versace, A Bit of Love Wedding Shop, Krista Fox Photography

Megara: For a Bride with Confidence and Élan

Meg from Hercules isn’t your typical Disney Princess. She is full of confidence and a little bit of attitude.  Likewise, our Anila gown isn’t for the typical bride. The beaded waist detail, tassel accents, and soft silhouette lend themselves to a modern twist on the ancient Greek look. To complete the look, your accessories all shine with gold! From the tip of your toes to the laurel wreath on your head, golden shapes will echo throughout your wedding. Of course, a Meg look wouldn’t be complete without a tiny bit of purple. So, why not add that dash of purple with a Mediterranean feel in your bouquet! Now all that’s left to do is say out loud that you’re in love!

Shop the Meg-Inspired Look:

​Dress: Anila (2018 Collection)
Shoes: Kotur “Gilda” Sandal
Jewelry: Versace “Medusa” Earrings
Headpiece: A Bit of Love Wedding “Gold Leaf Crown”
Bouquet: ​Wild Theory Floral (photo by Krista Fox Photography)

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